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NeuroTran® : Fast and Accurate Machine Translator

NeuroTran® quickly and accurately translates web pages, e-mail, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters and more to and from a foreign language.

NeuroTran® accurately translates complex documents in seconds! You can translate a sentence per second, a simple document in a few minutes or a 250 page book in an hour!

Save up to 80% of Your Valuable Time

Our research studies have shown that NeuroTran® users can save up to 80% of the time they spend writing and understanding complex documents written in a foreign language.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Rules

NeuroTran® is a high end translation product. It translates sentence-by-sentence by using advanced artificial intelligence rules. NeuroTran® understands what the subject, predicate and object are in a sentence. Based on this and other important information it inflects translations properly and rearranges word order in the translated text as well as chooses an appropriate translation for any given word based on the type of text being translated.

Text Analysis

NeuroTran® analyses the text you wish to translate in order to identify its type, e.g. is it a technical, computer, medical or some other type of text. Once NeuroTran® has performed this analysis it will choose the translations that are more appropriate to the identified type of text. This feature is unique to NeuroTran®.

Sentence Translation Graph

NeuroTran® in action : Sentence-to-sentence translation from English to French

Sentence Translation Graph

NeuroTran® in action : Sentence-to-sentence translation from German to English

Sentence Translation Graph

NeuroTran® in action : Sentence-to-sentence translation from English to Hungarian

Sentence Translation Graph

NeuroTran® in action : Sentence-to-sentence translation from English to Croatian

Fast, Accurate and Customisable Translation

No more flipping through the pages of a dictionary to find a translation. With NeuroTran®, you can easily and quickly translate single words, phrases and sentences. To translate, call up NeuroTran® and type the word, phrase or sentence in either language. Almost immediately NeuroTran® will translate the word, phrase or sentence and you can then choose alternative translations. Simply choose the translation you want and NeuroTran® will automatically replace the original word or phrase with the translation you selected. You can even customise the dictionary by adding your own new words, phrases and translations - any number you want! NeuroTran® chooses which verb conjugation to use. For those languages that allow for it, NeuroTran® chooses inflections for other words also. You cannot find this feature in any printed dictionary nor any dictionary in computer format.

Who is NeuroTran® for?

For individuals and companies requiring a more sophisticated software translation tool NeuroTran® is the answer. NeuroTran® is a successor of Mac WordTran™. Compared to WordTran™ it is smart and will enable users a much higher degree of accuracy during translation. Of course, this product is priced somewhat higher than WordTran™ because of its added functionality.

Available Language Pairs

NeuroTran® is at the moment available only for the following language pairs: German<->English, French<->English, Spanish<->English, Hungarian<->English, Polish<->English, Croatian<->English, Bosnian<->English and Serbian<->English.

System Requirements

To use Mac NeuroTran you need to have Mac OS 9.0 or later running on Power PC G3 or higher with at least 64MB of RAM and between 50MB and 200MB of free hard disk space depending on the installed language pair.

For non-English language support (e.g. Central European, Japanese, Russian, etc.) you need to use Language Kits which should be supplied on your Mac OS CD's.

Backward Compatibility

All Mac WordTran™ and Windows WordTran™ language pairs and their associated dictionaries can be used inside of the NeuroTran® interface. However, when translating inside of the NeuroTran® using WordTran™ language pairs NeuroTran® will automatically switch off its grammar aware translation rules.

Support for other language pairs

Word Translator for Macintosh supports a wider range of languages including any combination of the languages listed below:

For more information on Word Translator for Macintosh please click here.

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